The Data Mining Practice Prize


The Data Mining Practice Prize is awarded each year to the best submitted Data Mining Case Studies workshop paper. The prize is awarded for work that has had a significant and quantitative impact in the application in which it was applied, or has significantly benefited humanity.


All papers submitted to Data Mining Case Studies will be eligible for the Data Mining Practice Prize, with the exception of the Data Mining Practice Prize Committee or Sponsoring companies. Eligible authors consent to allowing the Practice Prize Committee to contact third parties and their deployment client in order to independently validate their claims.


Prize winners can expect an array of honors including

  1. $600 prize money to be divided amongst winners.
  2. Plaque.
  3. Awards Dinner with organizers and prize winners.


The award is sponsored by a consortium of academic and industrial community-orientated data mining groups who donate a modest amount to host the prize. The complete list of names of the sponsors this year are provided under the sponsorship section of this website. We wish to thank our Gold Sponsors for their generous donation of prize money, incidental costs, time and support.

Why Enter?
  1. The award provides a means of recognizing truly outstanding individuals and data mining implementations.
  2. You may enter previously published work, as long as there is sufficient novelty or detail that the new material would be publishable.
  3. This award can validate your company's expertise and software.

Rules and Conditions of Entry

  1. Please email the organizers as early as possible with your intention to submit, and a short abstract outlining your topic.
  2. If possible, please provide an optional draft of the article by the draft submission date .  This draft will only be viewed by the Chairs - it will not be given to the reviewers or affect the prize competition.
  3. In addition, please provide us with three persons who use the system in their day to day activities, or are responsible for the system, and who may be contact to validate the claims made in the paper. Ideally these individuals belong to a different company than the authors. Also, ideally these individuals are not personal acquaintances or friends of the authors.
  4. Provide your author names, addresses, affiliations, phone numbers and email. Also note the nature of relationship of each contact to the system and authors. Finally, provide any information of relevance to contacting deployment users.
  5. Please submit your completed article to the email address above.Due to editing requirements for the Workshop Proceedings, we strongly encourage documents to be submitted in Microsoft Word format.

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